Sunday, September 29, 2013

the price of ascension, is it fair?

I just responded to a comment on and as it so encapsulates where I am will just copy it until I have a chance to write more about the subtle yet huge inner shift aI am experiencing.

I so resonate with this. I just started becoming aware of feeling victimized by this time especially as I am older and then thought well that’s unfair, I won’t have as long to reap the rewards of this gruesome journey. But spending one more minute in separation is hell and anything that takes me out of it is in fact an awesome gift and one that other generations did not have the blessing of. So I have started switching to feeling incredibly blessed to be a part of this historic and PLANET ALTERING movement, how awesome is that!! The joy of coming home is the only game in town so how lucky that I am to be alive at a time when it is even remotely feasible. And day by day it becomes more possible, what a freaking miracle!!
The big shift for me since the equinox was feeling a pressure and speed in my body that felt it could tear me apart but not labeling it anxiety, not seeing it as endless and unbearable, just witnessing it as HUGE energy on the move and having a modicum of trust it was for my highest good. Felt like something shifted more significantly yesterday and the heaviness I have been carrying for eons may be on the runway for final departure (GOODBYE). Can actually fathom a live lived without the crushing weight of the never ending heaviness that has plagued me my WHOLE life. Now that is a miracle and really, can i put a price on it. Well yes, I can and the price was WAY steeper then I felt like paying but what the hell. Apparently that is the going rate for ascension these days so I guess I will just say yes and amen.

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