Saturday, September 14, 2013

no mind

Reading this woke me up to how much I am still in my mind attempting to solve the problem of my existence. This blog helped me to trust a bit more and let go of the sides of the river, trying to use my mind to control the outcome. Yikees!
Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Big changes are on the way

The universe knows everything, but it will not give out information to the ego.  If you want your life to work you have to be aligned all the time, not just occasionally.

I am getting much, much smaller.  You have to live at the level of atoms.  There is no next moment.  If there is a next moment you are too big.

People don't allow themselves to relax into their bodies.  They are still in the fight or flight mode.  Society taught us to use our heads, to think and prepare, that without preparation nothing is going to happen.

My life has become even more spacious.  The mind can't multitask, multitasking makes people stupid.  I was still using my mind too much and it wore me out.  Trying to get things done overwhelms me and makes my body feel heavy.  My mind reorganized itself at a higher level and I am lighter again.  The mind is totally unimportant, its here for entertainment only and not to make decisions.

The universe never repeats itself, therefore you have to wait for what shows up naturally.  You are always out of alignment because you go ahead and do what you have always done.  It doesn't fit anymore.  The universe has moved on but you haven't.  You are always behind, missing everything.  That's why things aren't working.

What we think the body needs is not what the body really needs.  We were taught to eat a certain way because of politics.   My diet is changing and I trust my body to show me what I need to function optimally, and that always changes.  We have to be ultra flexible.

You have your own space, your own timetable, yet people try to rush you, coerce you to leave yourself, expect you to be just like them.  I am becoming even more self-absorbed.  People meet me and already they have a program for me.  People see you as they are, not as you are.  I am clashing with people because they won't let me be.  I will not participate in their illusions.  Their life happens in their heads, they hallucinate.  Everything is made up.  Very few people are present.

Last night I had a dream that my family home burned down.  There was enough time to gather some things, but I left it all behind and walked out with a baby.  This means that I am leaving everything behind, there is a new beginning.  Change is on the way.  Am I ready for this?

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