Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May embodied love, joy, abundance practice

Because times are so intense it is easy to get stuck in "the problem" whatever it may be. To antidote that I am creating a forum (or maybe a monologue) to share our joy. I will post five or more things I am finding joy (now with a focus on at least one moment of EMBODIED joy) most days. I'll do it for as long as it feels good. Feel free to add your list in the comments or to do it at home on your own. Know that if you choose to do this you will be adding to the aggregate joy of the planet and right now she needs it. It will train our attention to focus on joy (EMBODIED joy in particular) and thus, by law of attraction, our joy MUST increase

I am also realizing I need to focus on abundance as lately my attention has been diverted to lack, especially financial lack so I am know adding abundance to my list. 
I would be delighted if you would like to add your joy list in the comments!!!

- incredible new class on abundance yesterday
-lovely pleasant day, perfect weather
- stunning clarity and increased understanding of lesson 135 in A Course in Miracles
- really seeing how they dynamic of feeling attacked necessitates defensiveness and negates our unlimited nature
- feeling so rested and balanced all day yesterday
- able to release a number of control issues
- wasband perfecting yard
- sweet lunch with him
- meeting new student
- sweet dinner with Karin
- her generosity in fulfilling a favor
- financial expressions of appreciation coming in
- able to finally fall asleep
- much more surrendered attitude to frequent lack of sleep lately
- seeing how attachment to the body causing discomfort
- seeing how I pull in past to predict the future
- huge sense of expansion
- clear embodied sense of the potentially vast scope of my work
- clear sense of my abilities and unlimited poser
- sending abundance to the world
- signs from nature, joy, butterfly, hawk, lizards
- found a way to be at peace with little sleep
- water aerobic teacher friendly
- got so much done despite little sleep
- feeling lighter
- not so bothered by the tiredness
- sweet morning
 - made some $
- totally neutral about my upcoming birthday- over 15 years of conscious healing on this one!!
- sleeping through the night
- feeling like I will survive
- courage to share an important need with another in a challenging situation
- speaking my truth
- moving with honesty in Nia
- daughter making me a coffee so I could get out of bed early for school run
- cooperation
- huge new awareness
- clear sense of the infinite magic that awaits us
- realizing that soon we will look back in wonder at all we survived and how we ever doubted
- no attachement to birthday plans which just shifted so it looks like I will be alone and that is perfect!!
-7733 visitors to this site; very auspicious number
- increasing clarity
mini miracles
- sense abundance coming in
- feeling so surrounded by light beings
_ slept through the night again
- daughter did my nails with jewels on them
- cool breeze
- silence
- May faire and ice slushes
- eating well
- released panic about lack of sleep
- so neutral about my birthday!!!
- another decent night of sleep
- cool out
- love with daughter
- green hot tea
- fine time volunteering at May faire
- interesting art exhibition
- wonderful birthday dinner celebration
- able to sit out on deck
- so much more neutral about everything
- sense of rebirth
- sweet lunch with family
- greater clarity and self acceptance
- forgiveness
- sound of rain
- slept 8 hours
- sweet gift
- so much peace
- so many loving birthday wishes and calls
- no expectations
- so much healing around birthday and not needing presents to feel loved
- cool day
- still in P.J.
- lovely black moon transit ritual
- rebirth
talking to Marie, Uschi, Irmgard
- email from Miles
- no plans and total peace, miracle of healing!!
- such a peaceful, no expectations, nothing happening, lovely birthday
- got only two presents, at least so far, and I am fine
- healed that belief that plagued me almost my whole life, that presents equalled love
- cool evening
- good sleep
- many lovely birthday phone calls
- inner harmony
- sweet birthday plans today
- course set up for MEDIEVAL GAMES
- woke up clear and rested despite not so much sleep
- fogged yet functioning as eclipse functions
- able to rest through eclipse!
- harmony
- able to remain feeling capable despite being initially clueless how to accomplish my volunteer job for the games and someone being sharp about it
-able to enjoy some of Medieval games despite being extremely exhausted and later ill
- daughter actually enjoyed it 
- daughter did great and was knighted
- witnessed an act of kindness and support that brought tears to my eyes
- the incredible pageantry of the event
- so many hard working parents contributing especially Jean
- so much cooperation at games
- able to sleep through the night soundly!!!!
- waking up to my own lies
- beautiful mother's day hugs
- wasband's caring
- daughter's caring
- cool breeze
- air conditioning
- calm
-releasing last dregs of lie I am not loved, love
- 8008 visitors to the site
- allowing myself to only write this when I really wish to
- feeling good yesterday!!!
- slept soundly eight hours
- sweet, powerful abundance class
- went to river for first time in over half a year
- water lovely
- able to swim to waterfall
- sitting in waterfall delighting in sister river's gifts
- LONG swim
- cool breeze
- hawk backlit against sky
- picnic with Karin
- lovely conversation and laughs with Uschi
- cool this morning!
-lovely, cool day
- deep sleep even though short
- daughter's castle turned out wonderful
- she did so much work independently
- greater intimacy and understanding
- feeling more alert after Nia
- working out conflict with someone
- chewing on conflict with someone else
- delightful breeze
- delicious cappuccino
- peace
- certainty these shifts are serving us and Gaia
- six continents visiting blog; come on Antarctic for a clean sweep!
- much inner peace
- slept almost 10 hours!!!!!!!!
- slept almost until 9am
- cool, delicious morning
- 4th morning in a row I am without major inner challenges
- greater certainty I'll not only survive but actually thrive
- meeting a soul sister and gathering wisdom through the internet
- greater awareness and clarity
- Moonlight's sweet company
- daughter going to rodeo with friend
- more tastes of Christ consciousness
- Way of Mastery in Sacramento
- wonderful group energy
- session with Doug
- tea with Karin
- movement with writing
- my wallet found
- cool breeze
- greater clarity about this "stuck" feeling
- slept fantastic
- peaceful
- clarity about my current purpose and role
- grounding
- inner harmony
- connection with animals in this space
- connecting to deer through long eye contact
- two coyote visitors the other day
- bluebirds often landing on the rail next to me
- gratitude to this land for holding me so beautifully
- gratitude to this home for sheltering me
- gratitude to all the teachers and guides that have supported me
- cold evening
- heat one and drinking tea
- able to revise my writing
- loving writing
- feeling tackles of joy
- cool weather
- swimming
- cooperation
- reading together
- snuggling
- flexibility
- air so crisp
- inpouring of knowing
- great post from Lauren
- flexibility as nothing little went as planned today
- crisp today
- wonderful ritual- anchoring my vortex/portal and connecting it to all other beacons of love and light
- plans for opening a new portal during the eclipse window
- such love and cooperation with daughter
- intimacy
- new loving night ritual
- certainty about my current role and value
- so much gratitude to the animals and elements on this property
- connection with deer
- hummingbirds and bluejays landing near me frequently
- wind chimes
- through the wormhole
- sleeping so deeply
- cold nights for sleeping
- regularly sleeping 8-9 hours
- DEEP sense of knowing yesterday
- two lovely rituals anchoring and opening a portal
- tenderness
- gorgeous full moon illuminating all
- library books found
- Nia
- moment of joy
- up earlier enough for coffee shop
- pulled back from major ego attack
- head cleared
- fantastic session with guide
- confirmation of my knowing
- friendship
-mini miracles
- still cool out
- slept deep
- Seeing Mars. Venus, Jupiter

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