Sunday, May 26, 2013

sweet ritual to close out the eclipse

I just did this ritual to pass through a fear that is arising in me this morning. Wanted to pass it on.

The Moon is in Sagittarius till 2:30pm PDT today, which means it is still in the powerful reverberations with the eclipse for another 7 hours or so. In fact, it is in a state called "void," which means it is not very active with any other planets. This makes today profoundly inward-directed. Today offers a wonderful opportunity to turn within and really allow things that don't serve you to drop away.

Even if you can only manage this for a few minutes, the benefit can be great. Take a moment to be still and quiet, recognize some habit or pattern that you feel ready to release and light a candle in its honor. Then ask your higher self to help you to drop it forever and blow the candle out as a symbol of the power you have within you to choose freedom. You created all your habits and patterns and only you can un-create them. Now is the time and nothing short of your own freedom and joy is at stake.

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