Friday, May 17, 2013

tips for exhaustion

Here is a comment I made on Brenda's blog. I am feeling fairly well despite huge influxes of energy and insufficient sleep. I am so clear we are about to take off on a magic carpet ride. I have felt well for three days running! Now for me that is miracle territory lately. Let's see where the ride takes us. For now, no energy to write in depth.

Seems many of us having same experience of exhaustion and eating a lot, including sugar. I know a number of people having same symptoms including me.
The exhaustion got so bad for me I was afraid it could take me out. Here’s what I learned. A lot of it was my mind running my experience of the past; i.e, 5 hours of sleep third day in a row, you must be exhausted. I needed to stop having any thoughts about the lack of sleep, not easy i know. I have needed to stop trying to control my sleep, another excellent ego lesson. I can have no opinion about how much or how little I sleep. I try not to look at the clock so I actually don’t know how much I slept, easier then to keep the mind out. I affirm I always get exactly as much sleep as I need to move through whatever needs moving through. Sometimes 5 or 6 hours feels so delicious and then I say to myself, I am sleeping like a baby and I do. For me the main thing was to surrender and stop giving it my power.
An excellent book for stopping the mind/conditioning games is called “Busting Loose of the Money Game.” I am teaching a class now using that book and I needed to use the technique called the Process so far about 12 times today to bust loose of things I was getting upset about and thus giving my power too. It is about reclaiming our power and true identity from any limitation. 

See you in my dreams.

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