Sunday, May 26, 2013

post wormhole

Yup, I set myself up again thinking post wormhole would be mellower. NOT, at least for me so far. I got caught in spin energy, the icanttakeitanymorethiswillneverend bummer mind. I did recognize it right away and call in the Truth about who I am even though I really didn't believe it. I was smart enough to call a friend and together we pulled each other out of the hole, thank you Marie. I am not really thrilled with the intensity/challenge word yet I have found no escape except to dive in with Trust. It ain't easy but I don't know how to get around it so might as well do my best to sail through it. My loves, keep the faith. Sending you so much love and a post that might explain the challenges. These times are definitely not for the faint of heart.

And a sweet message from Lee Harris on his facebook page:

Never more than now are many of you looking to draw something good to yourselves. Many of you have bargained with your higher selves or the universe saying you cannot go on unless you are given something to help keep you afloat. If this is you, the something you need is YOU. 

If you are trying to recover from something, replenish yourself. Place a hand on your heart and say to yourself, “I give myself my own love.” It is a powerful statement. I give myself my own love. Some of you will feel it going through the hand back into the heart recycling what it is you send out. A lot of love escapes your body from this point, so send it back in. The heart is a magnet when it is full. ~~Ziadora through Lee, from Re-Magnetizing the Heart

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