Tuesday, May 28, 2013

scary- coming out of the light worker closet

OMG I just posted my True Identity on Facebook. This is really scary for me as I inadvertently invited a number of members of my family of origin to be my friends on FB. I did not know how it worked when I agreed to have FB invite all my contacts. I had thought of coming out of the closet for a while and said, yes, maybe in a few months. Yikes! I just did it! Wish me luck! A very hurtful remark a relative made at my sister's wedding and one made at a cousin's wedding over two decades ago had haunted me and kept me from revealing myself to my east coast, doctors/lawyers/bankers even a senator family. Well, the cat's out of the bag. I just did it a minute ago. Let's see what unfolds. Here's what I said and the post that helped me decide to make the leap.

A new post I just found and enjoyed. I am a light worker and slowly allowing myself to come out of the Light worker closet and admit this truth to others, in particular to my family. Feels scary but it is time. Until know I have only shared my knowledge and deeper truths with those of like mind. To even consider sharing it with family was very frightening. I let several hurtful remarks made literally almost two decades ago stop me from revealing my inner world to anyone who might again criticize or make fun of me. I am sure some will think I have lost my marbles but so be it. What I know to be true is the I am finding Home and that is a treasure worth any price.

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