Friday, May 24, 2013


I am noticing it is easier for me to be in dialogue right now.  The monologue of this blog (with the exception of you B.J., thank you) isn't inspiring me just now. I delight in the community at and so will post below some slightly altered comments I made there today. I do wish to extend to every member of my blog family my deepest wish for the highest level of transformation and embodiment of Christ consciousness available today through the eclipse. I love you and wish you all joy.


I keep crying because in this moment the love is so ALIVE in me. Another bird is calling to me. The elementals are so responsive to the field. All my plants look like they took some kind of miracle grow.
Wowie zowie, Batman. Just read the full post (at and a big YES to it. So much confirmation of my inner experience. I was sensing increasingly how I was holding in my own field, no longer jerked hither and yon with every passing breeze. I have noticed for a few weeks how others gravitate to me, notice me, want to touch me. I sensed they were picking up a vibration. And most of all, even though I was too exhausted to care for a while and was way beyond hope or expectations, this KNOWING has been creeping in. I think I used the word knowing a number of times in my other comments. After 13 long years, part of me was definitely skeptical and tried to shut up the knowing with a dismissive, “yea, right” yet KNOWING just won’t quit. I honestly believe I may have altered my destiny a few weeks ago at the doctor’s office when I refused, despite a horrible genetic history, to have cancer, despite any evidence to the contrary and despite having already outlived both parents premature death to cancer, my father’s by a few weeks and I was a week away from living longer than my mother. The technician  showed me the spot after a previous "positive" result and I kept repeating the mantra “it is nothing,” I DIDN’T BUY THE FEAR! I chose a different route than Angelina Jolie, as much as I respect that she made the right decision for her. I FELT THE POWER, THE UNLIMITEDNESS AND I SAID NO TO ILLNESS. Who knows what actually happened yet in that moment I felt power roar through my body. Yes, it is hard for me to be HOME and then return to dross, to separation. Yet sure as I am alive I KNOW my game, my play is to enjoy the process of ending the separation within and then spreading the word THROUGH MY BEING!!! Every bird, plant, animal for miles around is supporting me in that knowing. I am so proud and amazed by this powerful group of warriors and goddesses. We are amazing and soooo courageous. Lauren, you are the mama goddess.You get to be at the head of the future bliss bunnies. I say this without hope or expectation, it is real, it is now, we are Home.

p.s. when other's connect to my field, it feels either neutral, good or even uplifting, not draining.  delicious.

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