Wednesday, May 22, 2013

intense transformation

I am in a period of intense inner transformation I feel everything and everyone reaching out to support me, to support all of us in coming home to ourselves. A bluebird just tapped on my window, many have been landing on the rail when I am outside. Two coyotes sauntered by a few days ago. A deer held my gaze for over a minute yestersay. The birds sing such a sweet song. Even the wind chimes serenade me with their symphony. Two more days of the ellipse wormhole; beloveds focus on what you desire and know it is on it's way to you. Know that all is well. Do your best not to buy drama or focus on what you do not want. Together, we are invincible.


  1. Thank you for the good advice! Yesterday (Tuesday) was a joyful day for me, and today has been just the opposite - more pain than usual, low energy, and deep sadness for no special reason. Weird...maybe a purging before the full moon? I will change my focus to health and happiness. For me and for all humankind.

    1. I say YES purging any remnants of what is not joy, health and happiness. I intend to keep my focus on what I desire while allowing all that comes up to be there without repression. Not always a easy balancing act. Sending you some love energy to hold you in the purge.
      B I G hug,