Thursday, May 23, 2013

lunar eclipse and truth about love and fear

I like this information about the upcoming lunar eclise. Enjoy the ending of the wormhole tomorrow/Saturday. I intend to do a ritual to solidify one portal on this land and open another. Powerful times.

Dana | Visioning The Dream Awake

and I love this from Lauren Gorgo's Facebook page:

If your wondering how exactly you can effectuate the most change in your life, in the world, and even at the universal level: Just BE LOVE.

How, specifically, do you just BE LOVE?

"You BE LOVE by refusing to fall into negativity or fear. It's as simple as that. Each time you override a thought of fear with LOVE, each time you remember that ALL IS PERFECT AND WELL, you have won. Then, remain in LOVE, call on LOVE, breathe LOVE in and out. That is all.

Additionally, if you do this with intent to spread LOVE you multiply the flow of adamantine particles which are controlled only by LOVE. Similar to negative ions, these sacred particles release enormous pressure on the earth & humanity by easing tension and soothing strain. We simply can't think of a better way to change your life and the world."
-Pleiadian High Council

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