Wednesday, September 17, 2014

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! ! be gentle and kind to yourself and all whom you meet

Darlings, the energies lately have been over  the top. I have been hearing from many generally very grounded people that they are feeling very shaky, overwhelmed, finished. If this is happening to you take heart. I just listen to the commencement speech listed in my last blog. He helped me realize I need to simplify my message even more. It comes down to this. You are amazing, you are loved and lovable, you are a gift. Know that anything but that is just a forgetting and NOT YOUR FAULT. I only have a few minutes yet I want to request they you be extra gentle to yourself and all whom you meet. These times are not easy so be super kind and soft now. Give yourself a hug, a kiss. Hug your dog or a tree. 
I am anti-doting these times by offering love. I am leaving now to give a gift to someone I suspect may be delighted by it. I won't attach to his response, I do it for the pure pleasure of offering love. What a gift to have people to offer love to, it so helps ME remember who I AM. This is wake up time and it ain't always easy. So darlings I send you a hug and a kiss with a little cuddle. Do listen to this below to be inspired. Know you are so loved!!!

To hear Dr. Holden’s remarks in their entirety, click here.


  1. Thank you! I have started feeling better, but it's very interesting and somehow reassuring to know others are feeling the energies, too. Love and prayers to all of us.

  2. Yes, I feel better too and had a blast celebrating some friends with a cake and present out of the blue. My new thing is to extend as much love and joy as I csn and get caught in the back wash. Was so delightful. Yes, had numerous people admit they are feeling squeezed big time. So glad you are feeling better. YEA!