Thursday, September 18, 2014


I had the most extraordinary day today. I got the impulse to stop by someone's office, the idea came out of the blue yet lead to a conversation of such depth and intimacy. I felt clearly directed to share specific information that was received with great gratitude. I use to get messages to do a certain thing, say a specific thing, go to a special place and whenever I followed that inner voice it always felt miraculous. But in this case I heard no voice, no message, an impulse so subtle I almost missed it. Yet the mystery and magic of what unfolded, how can I convey it? 
 In my sacred dance I felt impelled to share how beautiful everyone is and other visions of several of the women's gifts and inner magnificence. Our dance group together had joined in a circle of such heart felt connection. Later a cashier asked me an unusual question, something like what are you about today. I told him that 20 years ago I knew without doubt that the trick of love is that we always have it and don't need to wait to get it to be it,  rather that it is in giving love to another that we can  most deeply feel it ourselves.  I told him that it had taken me the full 20 years to begin to fully integrate and embody that knowledge. He respond that he found what I was saying pretty amazing. Mind you it was the local coop but that he did not look at me like I was a fruit cake is impressive. It is California but still... Then I told him HE was beautiful. He was definitely startled. He pulled back, shook his head and then said, "and so are you." It was like a drug induced high except the high was an embodied love that had me saying the most outrageous things without the slightest hesitation. I then thanked a fireman for his contribution (California is now being pummeled with fires exacerbated by the drought). I would have been way too shy to do this in the past. The day went on from there. I had another powerful conversation, and now I am  feeling so much inspiration playing on my new web site. But here is the kicker. I feel/felt like Myself! Everything I said and did seemed so new and spontaneous yet it felt like ME, a me I had almost forgotten, a me overflowing with love, a me that has been missing for so long, a me I have missed for so long.  A me that truly sees the beauty in all I met; such a joyous reunion.
Last night I had a gorgeous evening celebrating a few acquaintances. Their joy at the recognition and appreciation my daughter and I were sharing with them was miraculous. The room glowed with light and love. Such cheap words to try to describe an unforgettable night. The shine in George's eyes is something that will stay with me as he said he would always treasure the card we had given him. It's only words typed on a screen yet can you feel the vibration of celebration of life come alive on the screen? 

Ah! need I say, dear Friend! that to the brim
My heart was full; I made no vows, but vows
Were then made for me; bond unknown to me
Was given, that I should be, else sinning greatly,        30
A dedicated Spirit. On I walked
In thankful blessedness, which yet survives.

William Wordsworth

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