Wednesday, September 10, 2014

accepting resistence

Manifestations such as stress, negativity, and resistance are created on a soul level as reminders to stop the moment they are noticed and to slow your breath until relaxation returns. As relaxation dawns, you remind the body how safe it is, which allows the heart to blossom open and guide your forward in an inspired flow of divine perfection. Once these reminders are acknowledged and acted upon, you may realize stress, negativity, and even resistance to be catalysts of growth created by the soul to help motivate the light of being into greater conscious alignment.

This essentially means it’s not your job to anticipate, stop, or overcome the stress, negativity, and resistance you sense. Instead, it is an opportunity to accept its highest purpose, so you may use it as reminders to relax your body with slower breathing – one “I love you” at a time. Once the relaxation in body cannot be threatened by any appearance, outcome, or circumstance, it signifies that you are residing in a brand new level of consciousness.

As this new consciousness blossoms, your body becomes a vessel of awakening that radiates a higher frequency of light for the liberation of all. From this space, experiences such as stress, negativity, and resistance have nothing more to teach you and no longer enter your field of experience. This is the heart of awakening.

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