Sunday, April 13, 2014


My understanding is that it is the contrast that tickles us to wake up out of our limited sense of self. Our souls created a scenario to apply the least amount of pressure possible to wake us up. When one is in the process of awakening, it is very challenging to trust the process as it can appear to be,  feel like endless hell. Therefore faith and trust are integral ingredients for this ride. I wish I could send a direct energy transfer to each of you about the certainty I now KNOW of the value of the awakening.  SO I WILL, FEEL IT? I have zero doubt now. Of course it is not like rolling off a log. The biggest obstacle I witnessed in myself and still see in others is resistance. As long as one is kicking and screaming, there is not the space to connect to the awakening. I know this sounds like the advice we read in my daughter's survival kit which suggested not to fight if the bear ( I think it was a bear) starts to paw you, just remain circled up in a ball without reacting. Yea, thanks for the advice! I know it ain't easy yet surrender is vital to the process. I surrendered BIG TIME March 2, 2011. Yes, I was pushed absolutely to the breaking point until it felt like surrender or cease existing. Perhaps you will choose to let go sooner. The pain and suffering have diminished steadily from that point. Still  have some pain yet suffering is now rare. I see where I am head and mine eye is single so I move with grace lifting me. May grace fill your eyes too beloveds so you feel yourself being lifted by angel wings Home.

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