Wednesday, April 9, 2014

diving into pain body

below is the answer I gave to someone in my circle on mastering Love regarding diving into the pain body. Many excellent free videos are available from Eckhart Tolle on this subject.

As I give your question about the pain body further thought I realize I did not answer completely. On our own I believe it is much less likely we can get into deeper energy then we can handle. Retreat/workshops stir up the energy and allow one to enter more deeply, overall that is the beauty of them except when it isn't.:-\ What I did not emphasis is that given the powerful nature of these times, as I said before, this journey is no longer optional in the sense that our ability to create is so magnified and will continue to increase. This works in both directions to increase our joy or our challenges, given where our focus and attention are. Therefor in my experience it behoves us to take whatever steps are necessary to clear our own inner toxicity. So much is available for free to help us. In my experience, it is vital we do what is necessary to free ourselves from the bonds of ego and restore ourselves to our true nature as love. I have devoted my life to this task which is why i offered the circle. It is also my experience that as each wave clears themselves, it is that much easier for those that come after. In other words, it will be much easier for you then it was for me or others who have already cleared the deepest part of their shadow. As you suggested, some of the easiest and best techniques are saying the I love you's and slowing down.
godspeed on the journey,

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