Friday, April 18, 2014

coming off the cross

Today is named good Friday by Christians and honors the crucifixion of Jesuha/Jesus. It is a day of tragedy, awaiting the good news of life after death. For me, this is particularly symbolic this year. As I am sure you have noticed, the energies are rather intense. The full blood moon/lunar eclipse Monday to Tuesday affected me very powerfully physical, to say the least. I was not a happy camper. I was on a spring break mini vacation which was less than ideal timing. I felt extremely crushed by the energy, sad not to be able to enjoy the first days of our vacation. With nausea, bone pain, headache, extreme bloating, freezing followed my intense burning radiating volcanic heat, etc. Combine this with a trip to the Monterey Aquarium on a packed Easter break day and we have a mix made in hell. I was ready to dive into the shark tank head first to avoid the wall to wall people. Luckily all eased with a perfect day afterwards. Hours combing the beach for shells, sunny and warm after endless weeks of fog, breathtaking views on the drive to Big Sur, quiet lunch with no crowds and literally awesome views, a delicious birthday purchase. I married on a cliff in Big Sur with fog descending as we married, so perfectly symbolic of what unfolded. So on this day found the same spot and did divorce ritual there, feeling so much love for my still husband Georg. I felt serene and blissed.

I had gone from days of crucifixion to days of resurrection. This seems to be the times. Darlings, be gentle, take it as easy as possible, keep a rein on your temper, trust, surrender.  Know that with these times we are all being given the chance to come off the cross. Know you are lovable, loving, loved.


  1. Love to you, too. And to Ciela.

  2. xoxoxoxox happy Easter/resurrection. Hope all is well