Saturday, April 5, 2014

good news from Panther

I wanted to update those of you sending good wishes for our cat Panther. She is sitting beside me in this moment, kneading me with her claws. Since she is extremely shy and skittish, she seems fully recovered. Yesterday, I wanted to take her in to the vet but time constraints did not allow it. I guess she got the message time was short and has staged a miraculous recovery. Thanks for all your support. I am also gaining good clarity about my web site. Big hug of gratitude and Panther sends her love.

* photo at bottom of page


  1. This is a message written by SANNA and friends:
    It is actually time „to heal“ for cats all over the planet. They stored just a lot of intense and „dark“ energies for people and the environment around them, also for the whole world in some cases, so that they are called to heal themselves NOW: It is the part of the owner ~ or a closely related person (like me in some cases) ~ to CALL THEM UP (again) to heal themselves. It is nothing TO CLEAR in themselves, IT IS JUST ALLOWING ~ to get the kitty heal(ed).
    If you are questioning something or think you/your kitty need(s) help write to me. The question form is on my website (below).

    Have fun today ~ and stay calm ~ it´s a hot and spicy day today (for some). But it will calm down as soon as the weather turns (middle of the week).

    Kisses and hugs to all readers on „love wave blog“ ~ especially to Savannah :-) (hope you enjoy posting my message on your blog – let me know :-) - write to me private if you want to :-) )

    1. The message above was originally posted here:

  2. Thanks, she seemed back o normal for a few days not again in retreat. I believe they can store dark energies. I don't see your web site but if you have any insights, always welcome. I do send her loving energy and when I really concentrate, seems to make a DIFFERENCE. WHENEVER I CONSIDER SERIOUSLY TAKING HER TO VET, SHE HOPS AROUND LIKE ALL IS WELL SO DON'T GET SENSE TO TAKE HER. SHE SAT ON MY LAP FOR AN HOUR outside, no visible signs of injury. Holding her in my heart.

    1. Pleased to hear you both are WELL :-)
      Have a nice day! Sanna

  3. She still goes back and forth, one day fine then holed up again in retreat. I keep holding her in love. Thanks for the support.
    hugs and a good day to you too