Wednesday, April 23, 2014

off the cross?

For me, Easter is the day that felt like a crucifixion physically. It was one of the worst physical experiences of my life with extreme heat, chills, nausea, intense pain, pounding heart that felt it would blow out of my chest and so on. Monday wasn't much better yet I was able to sleep through most of it and miraculously wake up for a client and then to facilitate a group. I had tremendous fear about pulling it off yet miraculously felt better for those brief windows. Yesterday was better yet still very painful and I slept much of the day. Today is better still. I am sharing this as many I speak to have experienced similar things and I do not think it is a flu. Hang in there darlings, behind all this shit there has to be a pony!


  1. Sorry you've been feeling so bad! I was OK Easter Sunday (didn't leave the house. Normally I would go to church, but don't like crowds, and Grace Cathedral is SRO on Easter and Xmas.) But didn't sleep well Monday night, Pilates that afternoon seems to have kicked up more aches/pains than usual, and didn't sleep too well last night - weird dreams. Similar to full moon! Feeling grumpy and off today, but more Pilates this afternoon should help. Must be all the solar activity. Sure isn't the weather, which has been gorgeous!) And yes, let's keep looking for the pony. ;-)

    The new website is really attractive.


    1. Thank you! But the web site together was one constant leap of faith.
      Yes, this was in the top five worst physical experiences of my life. OUCH! Glad it has passed