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No Victims--Only Opportunity For Soul Growth

Dear Friends,                                                                                                         
Are you feeling the intense energies this April in your life?  The second half of April is filled with even more intense energies! Astrologically we have two eclipses coming up as well as a Grand Cross.  All this is explained in the astrology section.  The important thing to remember is how you respond versus react and that we influence the Heavenly bodies as well as they influence us.  The importance of being centered and not going into fear. The great news is… if you have been doing your work with your shadow etc. then this could be an opportunity for taking some quantum leaps in your life.

In this newsletter I share my experience of realizing there are no victims and learning to establish boundaries in relationships.  What may appear to be difficult or not what you want can be the very thing for your soul’s growth and evolution.

No Victims--Only Opportunity For Soul Growth
“You can’t always have what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need,” Rolling Stones.

Our Souls Growth:                                                                                                    
This great song by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards reminds me of an important point.  Our soul’s growth is what we need, our spiritual evolution.  Sometimes it’s very painful, sometimes not pretty, but ultimately, we become more of who we truly are.

I woke up from my dreams the other morning with the thought that all the evidence we can physically see can make us believe we are a victim.  But that is not true.  Power over others, greed, starvation, sexual molestation, taking over countries and cultures and war – the violence makes us forget.  The truth is we are God/Goddess – Divine; living this 3D experience.  We have our original song of life even if we have temporarily forgotten it.  There is no “them”.  We are all one.  There is no “other”; it is all we.

A Tendency to Shine by Adyashanti:       
Because of an innocent misunderstanding you think that you are a human being in the relative world seeking the experience of oneness, but actually you are the One expressing itself as the experience of being a human being.

It isn’t about attaining, accumulating, degrees and experts, outside of ourselves or hierarchal.

There is no victim:                                                                                                  
WE created this dream and we get to wake up from this dream. That is it –that's how there is no victim.  We created this.  We are the ones “doing it” and the ones being “done.” All time exists at once.  Our consciousness that we are aware of is localized in a body in a point of time.  With our eyes we look at our body, our hands typing on the keyboard, our stomach hungry and growling and we see “self”.

Look at the image of a V – our attention in our consciousness in the third dimension is at the bottom where it is very narrow not expansive like at the top of the V with further dimensions. It is also like a particle and a wave.  It is interesting that when doing scientific experiments with waves and particles that just the attention of an observer can change a wave to a particle.

Dr Quantum: Wave particle duality and the observer!
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So here we are on Earth in a body and we see, we observe ourselves as a particle, separate.  And yet we are connected to the whole, like the drop of water and the ocean.

Accepting that all is perfect even though it may not appear to be so.  There are no mistakes.

Our gifts can be hidden in our shadow 

I realize with my former husband I drew in a man who was strong and had no trouble exerting his power and his boundaries and stepping up as a real leader empowering others in the workforce.  I am a strong and adventurous woman in many ways.  I walked 480 miles solo on the Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain. I went on a solo pilgrimage in Israel and Palestine, it was much shorter than the Camino but with poor signage and huge barrier walls with barbed wire and machine guns and getting lost it was a bit more intense.  Vision Quests or living alone in nature - No problem! 

My particular fear has been around my voice, and really being seen. So I hid behind and served a man that had no problem showing up in the world.  That was my shadow.  Our shadows aren’t just the negative things we shove down; they are also the positive gifts we have that we aren’t ready or willing to own, so they show up in the people we call into our lives, until we are ready to embrace those gifts ourselves.  That disowned part is still our self, who we are.

Healing core wounds                                                                                            
We also call in people who hold energetic resonance of old wounds and patterns that are deeply buried from when we were very young.  For example, I remember once in my 20’s someone not paying attention to me or hearing me.  I got so angry.  Far angrier than what was called for.  The next day I randomly picked up an article and read about how when we get angrier than the situation warrants, it usually goes back to a core wound from early childhood that has not been resolved.

I once had a relationship in my life where we were both very wounded from our childhoods.  In this relationship I felt like one foot was on the gas pedal and the other was on the brake.  There was always some underlying fear, but still there was another part of me that couldn’t stay away.  Not only were we working through things from our early childhood, but also from many past lives together.  Although this relationship was in many ways painful for both of us it provided the path to dark crevices into childhood that I would never have been able to easily access.  Several people he introduced me to would also play a painful part of remembering deep wounds.  Through the remembering, I was able to bring what was unconscious up to consciousness to be healed and released.  Eventually a feeling of lack of trust in this relationship, and with the help of a healer, I was able to turn completely away.

Holding healthy boundaries                                                                                 
In both relationships a key theme was my inability to hold boundaries and as a result of that I was always over giving.  There was not balance in the relationships. For many years I blamed and had the belief my former husband was squashing me-- he was too powerful, too controlling, he held me down… until one day I realized I squashed myself. I chose him and called him into my life so I could learn and see what leadership and owning my power could look like.

I recently had the realization that I came into this world as a being of great compassion and empathy.  I was always the one people came to when they needed someone to truly listen with their heart.  There were many times in grade school I would stay in at recess to help other children in the class who had learning challenges.

My heart was wide open like the ocean.  I would attract people into my life that had no problem exerting their boundaries, even people who pushed or trespassed over my boundaries.  I had many years of saying yes when actually; I really wanted to (but could not) say no.  I wanted to be liked.  I cared what others thought of me more than valuing myself.  Being infringed upon, I have had to learn boundaries.  Not being very skilled in that area, when I set up a boundary to make sure I would be able to keep it I unconsciously did so by becoming closed-hearted with that person.
To me a boundary with an open heart is like a picket fence versus a 10 foot concrete wall
My edge now is having strong fierce boundaries where needed.  Letting my strong fierce nature out!  Now I am being very clear about what my boundaries are, and I’m learning to do it with an open heart.  It doesn’t mean I need to be friends.  I realize there are some people who aren’t your friends.  And that's OK.  I don't need to be friends with everyone.  But I do choose to keep my heart open even when it feels scary to do so.

I also realize that although I haven’t always gotten what I thought I wanted, I have gotten what I have needed--to grow and evolve into my truest self.  I also know there are no victims; everything is an opportunity for the soul to grow and for consciousness to evolve.

Monthly Meditation: Releasing being a Victim

This guided meditation has been designed to work with this newsletter and to help you let go and release being a victim in your life. 
Meditation: Releasing Being a Victim with Kathleen McIntire
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New Moon and Full Moon Updates

Dear Friends, today we have far more thanusual in our astrology section.  I am including both the New Moon AND the Full Moon Updates by Pat Liles.  I am also including some tools from astrology Stephanie Austin for navigating these time as well as a short YouTube video by Shamanic Astrologer Cayelin Castell.  Here is to the evolution and transformation of each one of us and to our planet at this time!!
Click Here to Read Pat's Aries New Moon Update (PDF attachment) 

Click Here to Read Pat's Libra Lunar Eclipse Update (PDF attachment) 

From Stephanie Austin, astrologer:

"We have reached a major tipping point. Beginning with the next new moon, which forms on March 30 at 10º Aries, the following four weeks provide almost nonstop opportunities for pivotal revelations, shifts, and breakthroughs. A precise grand cross involving Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars, combined with two eclipses, signals that we have reached a critical crossroads, both personally and collectively. To harness this huge wave of energy, rather than being buffeted by it, it is vital to stay centered, grounded, and in touch with our inner guidance. Beware of impulsiveness and impatience; respond rather than react. Hold ‘Beginner’s Mind;' remain curious, open, and willing to be surprized. Choose and move from love rather than fear. Remember what Gandhi said when asked what he did when he was too busy to meditate; he said: “I meditate twice as much.” It has never been more important to frequently take time out, or more precisely, time in, to check our spiritual compass and align with our higher self, so that we can use these transformative tailwinds to move us forward, rather than feel blown sideways. Where in your life are you ready for a quantum leap?

Grand Cross survival tools:

1. Clarify your intentions. What are your primary goals now? 
2. Question old beliefs; they may no longer be true, or never even true in the first place.
3. Notice what triggers you. What is the real issue? What needs are not being met? 
4. When stressed, take slow, deep breaths and a few drops of Rescue Remedy. 
5. Have compassion for yourself and others; we are all on the edge of a new frontier. 
6. Be grateful for everything; our greatest challenges often become our greatest blessings.
7. Ask for help; your guides are always on standby. 
8. Discover the power of silence; turn off your cell phone, TV, and Wifi whenever possible.
9. Simplify; clean out closets, cupboards, and clutter.
10. Move your body; walk, dance, do yoga or some kind of physical activity daily.
11. Spend as much time as possible in nature.
12. Do what brings you joy." 

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