Wednesday, April 2, 2014

choppy waves

For me the energy is very erratic. Things that normally roll of my back feel very uncomfortable. The energy in my body feels tense, edgy, very uncomfortable and arose basically out of nowhere. I write this in case you too are in choppy waters. The anticipated energies for April are highly transformational which doesn't always come with a great level of physical or emotional comfort (she said as a major understatement). Don't be surprised if you are all over the place, like our weather. Yesterday snow and sleet, today gorgeous, sunny and clear. I am needing to keep a very tight rein on my emotions as they are directing me sometimes to argue, fight, be right, judge, blame. I thought I'd seen the backside of these behaviors so it is an unpleasant surprise to see them around for another visit. I am taking deep breaths, going outside for a pattern interrupt, praying for support not to unleash negative, charged reactivity. So far I am generally succeeding but it is requiring strong mastery. Hang in there darlings. Do your best to keep your focus on your desires and let the rest melt away.

Important time for impeccable self care; here are some of my favorites

* spend time in nature
* take hot baths with mineral or epson salts to ease the body
* move the body! dance, yoga, swim, walk
* let the emotions flow through tears, shaking, sounding, seating
* meditate
* move extra slowly, lower your voice and slow it down when you feel charged
* take deep breaths before speaking in any charged situations
* take time outs for yourself when charged so as to be able to respond rather than react
* use ritual to create a feeling of containment
* call in guides, angels, ancestors, God, ascend masters for support when in freak out mode
* smudge yourself
* increase saying I love you to yourself out loud in times of stress
* say to yourself when something challenging arises, "this is happening and it is leaving"; don't get stuck in story
* get body work done; we have several local Chines massage centers where a "foot massage" is actually the whole body, is an hour and is only $20
* shift your energy by reading a good book or watching an enjoyable movie

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