Friday, December 13, 2013

time for more pleasure?

From various readings primarily TWYH, I understand this is a major portal from 12/12-12/21/13 opening us to great consciousness, light, love and, gasp, pleasure. Supposedly things are slowly getting yummy. Now we've all heard this before so I was a bit skeptical. Of course, it also depends on what timeline you are on, where in this process. So I can only speak, ever, for myself. Here's what I am noticing. I was afraid to even consider getting my hopes up, especially after sucking myself into expectations on 12/21/12. So I was definitely in a yea right, sounds good/ might happen, might not. Then I went to my daughter's school performance last night. It was only an hour yet usually before the end I am ready to go. I was in the front row and this time I looked at all those shiny faces and felt a calm appreciation, not joy, not bliss, not nirvana, calm pleasure. I probably wouldn’t even have noticed except after reading Lauren's  post I was on alert. Then today two women in front of a launder-mat told me to be careful as I slid on some ice. I thanked them and then they wished me happy holidays with an exquisite sweetness. I wished them the same and the love was palpable. I burst into tears in my car as I felt like OMG it might be true, we might be really almost "there." The harmony I experience with my daughter is my best sign the times they are a changing. For me it is subtle, not fireworks. Even embracing the sense that the love is returning had me swooning with hope. So I will keep a quiet possibility that the pleasure may be sailing in.

and an interesting, more technical, article on these times: 

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