Thursday, December 19, 2013

birthing the Christ

I am repeatedly reading that this is the time of the birth of Christ consciousness. Sounds good yet what does it mean? Today during my sacred dance class I felt exactly what it means. Tears poured from my eyes as I felt the warmth of my own embrace, my own love, my own self acceptance. Naturally, my heart reached out to those in my class and I literally kissed one dancer and hugged another in a love clutch. I danced to the mirror to give myself a kiss. I felt so authentic, not the least embarrassed to be kissing myself in the mirror! I thought about the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of a loving consciousness, of a unity and compassion. I felt it so strongly and it carried me through my day gracefully after a night with just a few hours sleep. Yes, the word that resonated so strongly for me, I'm Home, I'm Home! I groked what they are talking about and I swear to you, I felt for those blissful moments that I truly was the arisen Christ. The glow continues to hold me. I feel so powerfully that this is the gift of these times, the opportunity to move beyond our shadows to a heart opened remembrance of our true Divine nature, Love. My greatest wish for each of us is to taste this exhalation, truly the nectar of the gods.

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