Monday, December 16, 2013

Praise this day

I could not find the whole poem on line yet here is most of  "Praise this Day" by Adyashanti:

Adyashanti in “My Secret is Silence,” puts it this way:

"Save your mentally manufactured tales of
enlightenment-to-come for someone else's ears.
The price to enter this love
is your hope for a better future.

We are not a crowd of beggars here.
You and I have been down that long, twisted road
all the way to the end.
Here we do not ask God for favors
but instead celebrate the light in each other's eyes...

...Praise this day–
and with each breath you take
be filled with the golden arc of love
which announces the ending of
your argument with God.
Praise this day
simply because it exists
and sit down in the warm skin
of your own lap;
for you are home
and it is time to rest
in the merciful light
of your own eyes.

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