Tuesday, December 3, 2013

creativity and my essential practices

There has been one important step that I have been only sporadically honoring, creativity. Yet I am increasingly aware of how vital it is to a well balanced life. I see how when I am creative, my energy flows better, I feel more alive, peaceful, calm and complete. I see the same with my friends. One is so juicy with her creative flow. Another just recommitted to her creative project and the shift in her energy was immediate and palabable. I heard Matt Kahn (truedivinenature.com) say recently that we need to first commit to a regular creative practice as it will restore us to wholeness in many ways. After we are creative, when the dust settles, what remains is what spirituality is meant to restore to wholeness. So I am adding it to my list of essential practices. For me they are:
expressing and receiving love
spending time in nature
stretching, moving my body regularly
eating alive, revitalizing food and staying hydrated
meditating, silence, prayer, envisioning

Now if you feel like I use to, even one of these may feel overwhelming. I have had to baby step my way into them. Some are super easy and like breathing to me, so natural. Some require my commitment and attention. Yet I see there are big dividends for keeping my practices alive and a big kick in the pant when I deviate. I read yesterday how the adamantine particles are so freely flowing in nature which perhaps explains my nature addiction. I also heard how this ascension process is so grueling to our bodies, if we do not take time to stretch and move, it can easily result in a lot of aches and pains, sleeplessness etc. Experiment and see what brings you alive. You are so worth it.

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