Monday, December 2, 2013

musings of a first wave ascension player marking the trail Home

This ascension play is such a mystery and adventure. I have become very aware I am in the first wave of the ascension. This blog has been about my experiences and awarenesses as i have come to understand and own that role I am playing. As I explained in my last blog, various opportunities are arising powerfully within me to be returned to wholeness. These require another deep dive into my own interior. I leave you with these writing as possible guide posts on your journey. Each of us have very unique paths for our return Home. I am witnessing how I had inadvertently trapped myself into a spiritual ego/ identity that locks me into separation. Another blog is brewing on that topic. I wanted to clearly state the intent of this blog. My intent has alway been to clear the obstacles to love and to share how that feels, looks, is for one person, ie me. I am aware that when others honestly and vulnerably share their experience it lightens the load for me, decreases feelings of isolation or shame and increase feelings of connection and belonging. This is my intent here. I began tracking my journey here three years ago. So it is a chronological review of the obstacles and awarenesses that unfolded for me. May these words rise up to meet you and perhaps carry you a few step Home. 

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