Wednesday, December 18, 2013

jumping timelines

I just read the article below and feel it is important to pass on. I personally am certain I jumped one health related time line and believe (time will validate this) I have jumped a financial timeline. As they mention, the hardest step is to persevere when all evidence points to the contrary. I have an outcome that I KNOW, even though I have no evidence and have held the knowing for a very long time, probably for lifetimes. I do not allow doubt to shake me. I also had to hold my knowing about being blessed with a child for a very long time, despite many obstacles and indicators my vision would never be fulfilled. Point being, if your yearning is strong, it will carry you to you vision. Be tenacious, like a bulldog on a pork-chop! Happy creating.

and a sound meditation that feels important to heal the damage from Fukushima and jump timelines

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