Sunday, June 30, 2013

love, acknowledgment, Mat Kahn releasing doubt and self blame

These teachings may feel obscure yet for me are invaluable in helping me release ever more subtle levels of self blame. love this! listening to Matt I get ever more deeply how many ways there are to self reject and the antidote is to acknowledge it all openly, adoringly. so many spiritual tools have the trap/shadow of self blame judgment if one doesn’t do them “well” keeping us endlessly trapped in duality. time to bust loose. I see this in all of it, trying to be loving, law of attraction, now even in a seemingly harmless word like acceptance. So wise. hope it helps.

A Love That Has No End - MattKahn

and this one is helping me and gave me a wonderful "trick" that is really a lovely tool:

The Joy of Equality - Matt Kahn/

It's working for me, hurray!

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