Tuesday, June 11, 2013

release exercise

Found this easy and useful:

Whether you find yourself in this in-between stage, or simply wish to step deeper into the light, as a way of energetically assisting those into the light who seem to have lost their way, I offer you this powerful healing experience. Simply read the following words out loud and notice how you feel. You can repeat it as often as you wish, but it only needs to be done once for the effects to take place. Whether felt immediately or gradually throughout the day as you integrate it into your field, let us step forward as lightworkers and assist in Heaven's arrival by thanking the outdated lower vibrational timelines for all they have taught us and release our attachments with ease, grace, joy, and love:
"I allow all lower vibrational timelines to be acknowledged, cleared, and released out of all energy fields - returned to the Source of origin; to be transmuted completely and returned to the purity, wholeness, and perfection of eternal light, as I AM now."
Matt Kahn I got from FB link to big energy updates

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