Saturday, June 29, 2013

surrender to love

this to me speaks to the key of our often relentless self judgment and how letting that judgment go is the heart of the matter.

Surrender to Love - Matt Kahn/

After listening to Matt kahn’s surrender to love I feel tectonic plates shifting in me. He said exactly what I have told myself for so long yet hearing his words, I recognized how I am always trying to be a loving person to prove to myself my own value. So I often judge myself for not being loving. A certain dynamic in my life is highlighting this. Someone wants something from me I can not authentically give. Yet if I don't give it I fall into being an unloving person in my eyes. If I do it inauthentically, I fall into the same trap, now as an inauthentic person. Self judgment looms on both sides. Spiritual ego.  I get how my doing has been about loving. I have to “do” love or I am unworthy in my own eyes. Time to let it go and love all of it, even myself as the poopoo head.


  1. Hi savannah, would like to leave a statement here, it took me years to understand that " to love" means to hear what my heart wants to tell me, that it means to stand by ME, to say NO if it feels against me if its dis comforting me if it feels like I'm doing it / giving something to be loved.
    I can feel you as an honest heart warming loving soul.
    Forget to try to do and then you can be what you are immediatlie

  2. thank you. so true. slowly but surely I am unshackling the chains and releasing the obstacles to the truth of my nature as Love.