Friday, June 28, 2013

job- Joy Of Being

I am on my road to joy recovery. I keep getting little encouragements scattered on my path. Two objects with the word joy showing up after being lost for years then a car sticker extended joy to me. I am so appreciating myself lately since I accept my true job. I no longer devalue myself for not being more out is the world, more successful in worldly terms, especially since I seemingly had not used my massive amount of education in the way my family of origin expected I should. I am resting ever more fully in my own magnificence and thus can more easily see if in all I meet. Within a 2 minute conversation with the man that cleared my driveway, he shared his wife has 6 weeks to live, pancreatic cancer. My hands flew to my heart and I beamed him with such love. I saw tears spring to his eyes. This is my joy. Recovering my own joy and love and then extending it outward, in that order, and receiving it back, creating a circle that flows endlessly. I am so clear now that the J.O.B. I assigned myself a decade ago is my true job. It has taken me that long to fully own it. My job really is to embrace my Joy Of Being. Now that is a job I can love! The next part is to fully believe my job can and will cover the bills. The next work in progress.
My other job is to share the pieces of the puzzle I have found with others.  On that note, I want to share Aisha North’s post 2 days ago about talking to the body to smooth out symptoms. (thank you Sara). It helped me this morn make peace with little sleep and high heat, deciding my body can release it’s old reactions to these conditions.

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