Thursday, June 6, 2013

June gratitude and abundance

lots to be grateful for:

huge healing seeing Amma, fun time with college boyfriend, wonderful trip with Karin, going to the river with kids on last day of school, cool mornings and evenings, deer passing by, TWYH, phone call with new friend Aliyah, gorgeous new bracelet, last day of school, cappuccino, new wisdom and understanding, time and space for my inner growth, wisdom, such intimacy and harmony with daughter, KNOWING my role and value, healing my cracked identity, all of you. the river, waterfall, friendship, hugs, skills support daughter and riding a wave of loss and grief, school's over, pizza, Lucia, air conditioning, community, releasing guilt and unworthiness. fun dinner, in town beating the heat, not getting up for school, increasing feelings self worthy, deeper understanding our true nature, innate sense the journey is worth the price, increasing stamina and trust cool morning! slept almost 9 hours, hugs, interesting conversations, cool breeze in this moment, connecting to fascinating people, finding my tribe at TWYH (, increasing awareness and understanding, increased appreciation of my own value, time in silence, beauty, friendship. cool morning, deep sleep. freezing at night, yum!, instant answer to a prayer for information, loving support, clear guidance, writing class, bird song, wasband cutting grass, COOL MORNING, MADE IT TO YOGA, SUCH A CREATIVE DAY YESTERDAY, DINNER CELEBRATION FOR END OF WRITNG CLASS, feeling clear and powerfully creative yesterday, daily more clearly seeing my own value and the blocks that keep self doubt in place, the joy of writing., harmony with daughter, health coach session, cool days, unexpected healing session, silence, space, relative financial freedom, healthy, many insights, community, understanding, intimacy, shifts, hot springs, abundance, peace, waterfalls, generosity, mini miracles, rain, cold!!, slippers, day to myself, endurance, Virginia City, beauty, bunny O.K. after accident, growing plants, birds, my reliable and gorgeous painted car, intuition, opportunities, minuscule faith, slept almost 9 hours, sound of rain, enjoying writing and editing my piece for writer's group, so much time to myself, Moonlight is ok after accident, inner love increasing, constantly increasing insight and clarity, easy 43 hour fast, increased acceptance, coll night, sleep tight, wonderful pot luck with delicious food, great company, writing group outside on the deck, slept great, friendship with Janah, cleaned my bathroom!, house much more organized and clean and I didi it!, breezes, plants doing well, Moonlight fine, calmer, straightened out tickets, lovely evening for party, driveway repaired, caused hardly anything and I thought could be VERY expensive

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