Friday, June 7, 2013

we're doing great!

Just read and loved this, this is what is up for me. From the mystics message on the cosmic path:

If you are suffering, then there are basic teachings you need to revisit. Surrendering doesn’t mean looking at someone in your field more successful than you and thinking, “What am I not doing?! Oh well…” No surrendering means KNOWING that you are exactly where you are for a reason, or many reasons actually and that you are burning off karma at a rate you cannot even understand. YES, THIS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES A FEELING OF UNREQUITED TRUST!!! However, that is just a feeling. In fact, you are being rewarded far more than you most often would like to admit. Isn’t that true? I mean, think of the grace you have because you know the things you know.
Less than 3% of the population of the planet has been exposed to such teachings to date… or at least in a way that they would know it and have the opportunity to say thank you. So consider yourself one of the lucky few. With that territory comes some other things that allow you to feel alone, but ONLY if you choose this. Realize, loved one, that you are absolutely making choices to feel certain ways in every moment.
So, look around yourself now. Find one thing you are grateful for… one thing that has absolutely changed your life in some magical way over the last six months, and say, “Thank you.” from the bottom of your heart. And this action will bring you back there.
When you are too “heady”, find a way to say thank you and this will bring you back into your heart where transformation happens so much faster when you are in non-resistance. Ans, believe us, you are doing SO much better than you think you are.
With so much love in my heart for you,

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