Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beloved, abundance bracelet, portal

For those interested, I just added photos of my abundance bracelet that symbolizes the transformation that occurred when I was at Amma last week, a photo of the portal (tree with Buddha head) where I pour out love to the world and know it is coming in from the heavens and the bowels of Gaia and a photo of Beloved, the archetypal figure I created during a year long process called Way of the Doll in 1999, the year of the beginning of the Galactic wave of the Mayan calendar. Enjoy, my loves. kisses


  1. Savannah,

    This is a wonderful blog site. I loved getting a chance to see all the wonderful pictures...and you have answered a question for me about somehow combining my writing for my blog and the TWYH site and
    another wonderful community I belong to.

    Also, I want to have a section for appreciations where I post material I've found exciting and helpful for my own process. I now see that it is okay to post from other sites, so long as I give full attribution.

    I appreciate the beauty of your images & the way you have put this all together. Thanks! Gemma

  2. You are so welcome! I have shifted greatly as what is alive in me shifts. For a few months I felt the urge to write almost daily. Now for a few weeks, after several years of posting frequently, I can write primarily only in a dialogue. I just go with what is alive in the moment. It has been such a delight and source of joy and I love my blog family and I love TWYH. Lovely to "see" you here.