Saturday, June 1, 2013

guides and symptoms

I am feeling a bit more human yet still not able to write much except on TWYH in response to comments. I am choosing to pass on this unedited writing in the hopes it may serve others in some way. Sending love as we go through this massive transition! I will be blessed to be able to hug the "hugging saint" Amma this Tuesday. I will add all of you to my energy so if you feel a blast of love Tuesday you'll know why.

I have been having intense hot flashes, a little vertigo and nausea. I was facilitating my class during the moon void phase Tuesday and everyone's voice sound so loud and were pounding in my head. Then Wednesday around the same time, late afternoon, a strong energy woman was talking to me as my body heated up to melting and I had to leave the restaurant, daughter inside, to go outside and breath.
My biggest positive symptom is a feeling of unity, connection, intimacy and connecting love. I am generally at peace and much more trust is coming in. I have no clue how "problems" will be resolved yet for the most part am able to release them to the Universe for resolution. And having the animals show up is lovely although today a very weird bug, almost like a scorpion but one I have never seen and had to toss out of the house.
I have a new guide named Astartay, has anyone ever heard that name? (someone let me know it is Astarte, beautiful goddess of fertility and sexual love, Phoenician). She said mine is an archetypal journey, like the Inanna myth ( where I had to be taken to the underworld and everything removed- eyes, skin, hair until I was reduced to bare bones so I could rise as the embodiment of the Divine. Again, she said it is very rare for people to have the willingness and courage to be willing to release ALL their ego. This is what created the heaviness that has plagued my life. She said it has been more difficult for me than for most people. Yet I sense some on this site are on the same archetypal journey and thus will reap the same rewards, Christ consciousness embodied. She swears I'll wake up 2014 feeling 100 pounds lighter. I am not willing to give any date any power yet it sounds good. 
We are changing an entire planetary code and way of being that has existed for millennium, it does not make sense to me that it can be over from one day to the next and for everyone in the same timing. I have heard numerous times that my way of being is what will do the primary healing for others by enticing them to want to know how I created such an amazingly wonderful life- yes, I must stretch my imagination on that one. Really hope the physical symptoms decrease as I am flying to Europe in July form California and right now I can sometimes barely make it to town. And if not, of course mutiny then is still an option.

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