Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Five years ago today, May 6, 2009, I saw the house I now own for the first time. We had been looking at houses for years yet only recently had I gotten the strong inner urge to actually buy. Our finances made this rather questionable but the urge was strong. Almost six months before this day, my eight year old daughter drew a picture of a house as a present for me, knowing my desire to have our own home. Then again for an early mother's day present she drew another house and framed it for me. It was less than two weeks before we saw our new home for the first time. I had forgotten the drawing done six months earlier yet saw it today. Both drawings are remarkably similar. She did not have access to the first drawing when she did the second one. Both drawings are spookily similar to this home we now own and live in. They both had two stories, wrap around balcony/deck, drive in front, upstairs windows as they are in fact, trees on either side and hills behind it. I continue to be amazed by it. 

Then on May 7, 2009, my birthday, I finished reading the book The Money Game. I was laying in my hammock reading it and literally shook as I felt all the power I had given to money flood back into me. That experience gave me the confidence to urge my husband to agree we could pull off the feat of owning our own home again. So far so good, although not always by a wide margin. Interestingly enough, I am again teaching an abundance class (I was teaching one when we first saw the house) and was doing an exercise from The Money Game  last night, realizing I still give money way too much power in my life. But that is another story.

Back to the house, we did buy it. It was the answer to my husband's dreams although in the last months before we bought it, he said he no longer needed so much land or to be so remote. Ironically one month after we bought it, our marriage began to visibly crumble. Yet having what for me is sacred and peaceful land imbued with such stillness and silence has been the gift that gave me the strength to survive the journey of my long term relationship ending. I am in awe of how the Universe had my back all along, providing me with everything I needed each step of the way. I urged us to buy the house to honor his dream, unwittingly giving myself a gift I had no clue I would be in need of.

At my birthday party, people were asking me the story of adopting our daughter from Guatemala. That too was one miraculous event after the other. Recalling the mystery and magic of life is giving me such a satisfying, sustaining feeling. This day has been one of great solitude and has been for the most part very peaceful, serene and gentle. My feelings can fluctuate still sometimes wildly yet generally only for a few minutes, hours at the most, usually. Two owls are calling to us in this moment. Can you hear them?


  1. HAPPY :-) happy birthday my dear one :-)
    All my best wishes to you! May your life be fulfilled with LOVE and MIRACLES!
    Love, Sanna :-)

  2. thank you Beloved, so dear of you to send birthday wishes. big hug of appreciation. xoxoxo

    1. Let us know how you celebrated YOUR DAY :-)
      Big hugs, SANNA

  3. I'd like to add my wishes to you for a Happy Birthday!
    Big hug...


  4. Darling, thank you for your wishes, went straight to my heart.

  5. Sanna,
    Today taking it easy, on phone and Skype with friends and relatives although interestingly enough only one aunt and uncle from my family, none of my immediate family, mostly my in laws.My hus/wasband just visited with flowers and more gifts for me. Tonight will have lovely dinner with my friend and daughter at a place in town I have gone to around every birthday since I've lived here. Next month my sister in law (from Austria) is visiting and treating me to gorgeous hotel on cliff above the Pacific AND a french dinner. Also had a sweet, small birthday party. Pretty special altogether. Celebration is my theme this year and is coming up in spades.

  6. This is special, two people on blog with me in this moment from Austria. How fun. kisses

  7. At my birthday party, we began with an outdoor ritual, speaking of the things we are celebrating and placing a symbol of that celebration on my outdoor alter. Then we took a moment to look each person in the eyes. For me, I saw such love in those eyes. It ended up creating such an endearing tender feeling that brought this diverse group, few of whom knew each other, into such resonance. If anyone want to give me a word or sentence of what they are celebrating, I would be delighted to add it to my outdoor alter, which you can see pictured below with the big Buddha face.