Monday, May 5, 2014

does my offering matter?

I woke up feeling like what I offer is not enough, not truly valuable, something along those line. While I also feel an immediate internal NO to that and a deep sense of offering, embody ng THE most valuable gift, waves of the opposite feeling have threatened to swamp me today. So reading Oracle Report (below) brought some relief knowing this was the energy du jour. Perhaps you too are feeling it. Know you are not alone.

The overall tendency today is to feel like no one is paying attention to us - to what we say, what we have to offer, or what we are at heart.  We can feel out of touch.  Validate yourself today instead of seeking it from others.  You will save yourself a lot of head and heart ache.  Don't underestimate yourself or limit yourself to other's beliefs about your capabilities.  In fact, twist up the energy and seek your hidden or forgotten skills, talents, and interests.

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