Friday, May 2, 2014


this fairly well sums up what I have come to understand:

Happiness always seems elusive when associated with the people, places, and things that you wish made you feel happier. This can lead to years of frustration spent in psycho-analysis and placing all of your faith in countless healing modalities, until true happiness starts to blossom. A sign that true happiness is blossoming is the realization that you are not unhappy due to the circumstances of your life. Therefore, changing your circumstances won't make you any happier. As this is accepted, a willingness to let go of blame and surrender any desire to keep rearranging the scenery of your life allows you to admit something rather profound. You are not unhappy as a result of any outcome. Instead, any outcome has the power to adversely affect you because you are simply unhappy.

Once you shift from “I’m unhappy because…..” to “I acknowledge how unhappy I am”, unhappiness can be recognized as a state of emotional imbalance. It is resolved by learning to relax your body through the living practice of self-love. Once unhappiness is faced directly and no longer associated with anything in your life, the willingness to slow down and love your heart returns you to a balanced state of ease that no future outcome, brand-new opportunity, or personal circumstance may ever provide you. It is at this point where you come to realize that true happiness is a living celebration of harmony expressed through the joy of conscious action that has absolutely nothing to do with whatever anyone says or

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