Saturday, May 31, 2014

3D- disappointment, discouragement, depression

yup, officially off my cloud and experiencing the 3 D's, depression, disappointment and discouragement with a dash of despair, doubt and distress. I don't know what the hell wave is up but i am officially NOT enjoying it. enough said.

so within an hour of posting this chanced upon a replay of Mat Kahn talk and first thing he said answered what is up with me, so love the synchronicity, perhaps it helps others, free till Sunday night i think:


  1. Same here, for the last several days. Acupuncture yesterday helped some, and I think it's beginning to lift. Why does life throw us such curves???? Maybe to make us stronger in the long run?
    Anyway, I hope your/our joy returns as quickly as it left...

    Big big hug,

  2. yea, already getting over my shit fit by relistening to matt kahn talk where he talks about exactly what i have been experiencing with so many people canceling on me at the last minute, just life giving me opportunity to love that part of myself that was disapointed in past without me bringing myself my own love; i so get what he is saying but for last days so tired of the game. sorry to hear you are in the soup too. think it is something with where Chiron is, wounded healer. thanks for the good wishes. Right back to you
    much love