Tuesday, May 27, 2014

being human

So I think I mention how I have devoted myself to the spiritual side of life for over two decades. Especially the last years I was a broken tape with only one track, spirituality. I had little interest in anything else except my relationships especially with my daughter. I really only wanted to talk spirituality. I heard Matt Kahn say the same thing about himself and how he now has many interest and never talks “spirituality” outside of his work. I am starting to live that too. For the first time I got bored talking about ascension symptoms and awarenesses. I was like, can we talk about something else. You have no idea what an about face this is. So we read poetry yesterday to celebrate American Memorial day. I can now look back on my obsession (now wayyy behind me, yea, it’s been AT LEAST almost 24 hours) and wonder that I shut myself off rom so much of life. I am exaggerating as others things did interest me but they paled in comparison to my obsession. I welcome this expansion without judgment of what has come before.
Today I feel off. The joy is noticeably absent. The difference is I don’t make a stink about it. It just is. Today feels flat, next steps foggy, sense of emptiness, rudderless. Ands that’s O.K. It’s O.K. All is well.

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