Friday, May 23, 2014

I couldn't agree more

While awakening plays a key role in spiritual evolution, it is not the appropriate focus in order for true liberation to dawn. In what will surely be a reoccurring theme in the new paradigm of humanity, the focus of the soul’s journey is unraveling the overstimulated nervous system. This allows the cocoon of ego to flake apart, which releases you from the spell of human suffering, so you may see that you have never, in any way, been separate from love.

I have explored many spiritual paths where there is a hardcore mentality toward awakening. While this type of single-pointed focus is commendable, it is quite common for someone who takes such a firm stance to scoff at the suggestion of love, as if it’s simply a fleeting emotion you feel around those you admire. The love I speak of is not just a feeling of elation or the electricity of arousal. It is the very fabric of energy that animates every form, as extensions of a harmonious and all-knowing Source that celebrates its miraculous potential in all who appear within it.

When your soul’s journey is not rooted in an open heart, it is common to spend time working on yourself, instead of loving yourself on a regular basis. There is also a tendency to learn about consciousness, as a replacement for exploring it directly. These types of misunderstandings create a greater sense of self-centeredness, which distracts from the importance of helping your body feel safe.

Whenever engaging in a self-centered spiritual path, it can lead you to believe that you’ve developed a complete understanding of spiritual concepts. This may even be accompanied by moments of profound clarity. All the while, it cannot assist you in fully embodying the timeless qualities and primordial flow of Spirit until returning to love becomes your main objective.

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