Monday, February 24, 2014

twin flame/ soul mate

Best advise I have ever heard on finding your twin flame:

How to find Your Twin Flame Soulmate

I am sure that the intercyberwebnet and YouTube are chock full of all kinds of tried and true ways to find your elusive twin flame soulmate, and some of them might even have some useful information, but I will share the very best way with you right here.  It is a deceptively simple & very effective two step approach.

     Step One: Make a list of all the traits, attributes, qualities, & skills you will require of your perfect mate.  

      Step Two: Set about making sure you possess all of those same traits, attributes, qualities & skills .

If you do this, I will stand out like a lighthouse at midnight to your twin flame soulmate.  Now, be advised this will also attract moths, & other insects, so you will want to acquire some discernment along the way as well, it never hurts.  Primary among the attributes you will be developing will be an open heart with balanced emotions as this is usually what others will notice about you long before the more superficial things like buns of steel.  Not that there is anything wrong with buns of steel, but if that is your first criteria, then you're probably not soulmate material..."sorry Charlie." It will not matter to your twin flame whether you are rich or poor; whether you live in a penthouse or a pick-up truck.  What will matter to your twin flame, is finding their split-apart whole, happy and ready to move on to the next level. 

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