Sunday, February 16, 2014

say yes

While I wildly disagree with part of the Ebook Butterflies are Free to Fly, other parts are very interesting and provocin and helping me catch miscellaneous beliefs and opinions that limit me. I loved reading these exercises and think they are quite valuable. I use to name this post "SAY YES TO LOVE" which, in other words, would be simply "SAY YES," say yes to what is merely because it IS and to say no cause resistance, hence suffering. Give them a try if you are ready to dive into freedom.

"There were three particular exercises I used the most and highly recommend for you as well. The first is to take one day – just twenty-four hours – and do nothing that doesn’t excite you to do. No “must do’s,” no “have to do’s,” no “should do’s.” You are allowed to do only what you want to do and brings you joy. You might find it’s not as easy as it sounds. After all, we have a lot of habits hanging over from our days in the first half of the Game – beliefs that might pop up in the process. But just remind yourself it’s an experiment for a day and nothing more and see what happens. For example, see if your Infinite I gives you a sign or rewards you in some special way, just to let you know it works, and will work for you as well.
The second exercise is, again, to take just twenty-four hours and not try to do anything to “make something happen,” but to only react and respond to the experiences you encounter, that come to you. No goals, no agendas, no objectives. No thinking you have to do anything at all to make things happen in life. Simply react and respond to the experiences your Infinite I creates for you and see what kind of experiences you get, and whether they bring you more joy and happiness than you’re used to.
The third exercise is my favorite. For one day – just twenty-four hours – the participants in my workshops were only allowed to say “Yes” to whatever appeared in their hologram. They had to take the word “No” out of their vocabulary and just say “Yes” to everything that came their way. After all, if our Infinite I is creating each and every experience we have, down to the smallest detail, why not simply say “Yes” to whatever it creates and see what happens?!
You can’t imagine the resistance I encountered....
What if someone asks me to do something I don’t want to do?” “You say ‘Yes’ and do it.” “But what if someone else tries to take advantage of me, knowing I can only say
‘Yes,’?” “That’s another fear you’ll have to face.” “But what if it’s illegal or immoral?
...and the objections went on and on, all based on fear and judgment; and of course, that was the whole point, exposing these fears and judgments for them to see – that, and giving the participants the experience of saying “Yes” and realizing they could trust their Infinite I and the experiences it would create for them."

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