Sunday, February 23, 2014

I can not recommend "Butterflies are Free to Fly"

I just read on the Oracle Report Facebook page that someone who had recommended the book came to the conclusion that the author's world view felt depressing and desolate to her. I agree and while I am writing one more blog post that will quote him, I do not recommend the book as his conclusion of the quantum reality he presents so beautifully are diametrically opposed to my worldview. He debunks compassion and never speaks of love as best as I remember and I do not intend to reread it. I just wanted to clarify this as it took me some days to recover from the negative influence this book had on me. The same happened to the woman on Facebook so I felt it necessary to clarify my view. As always, see what resonates for you. This diametrically opposes my core values and did not ultimately resonate for me.

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