Monday, February 24, 2014

money miracle

I have been playing with creating my own economy, releasing limiting beliefs about money and creating out of thin air. Today I decided to experiment by burning a large surgery bill, seeing myself owing nothing. I literally threw the bill in the fire. I had contacted them months ago about a possible reduction. A few hours after burning the bill and seeing the debt dissolved, I got a phone call telling me the bill had been reduced by 100%!!! That after hearing nothing for months! Now that is a miracle and I must say increased my knowing that we are indeed not in Kansas anymore, that we are unlimited!!!

P.S. Butterflies are Free to Fly highlighted some major beliefs I have about money and I have been playing with releasing the beliefs that when I spend money I have less money and I have to work to have money. Even though both those beliefs have very often been absent from my life experience, I realized how powerfully they are often triggered for me, especially the more money I spend, the less money I have. I am starting to relax both these beliefs and I  tell you it definitely blows my mind and helps me release limited thoughts, awakening me to the real possibility the world is my oyster, your oyster, our oyster.


  1. Love this! Thx for reminding, SANNA

  2. You are most welcome. I began facilitating a circle last night called "Mastering the Energy of Love." For me this miracle showing up on the same day helps me to hold on to my vision of "making it" financially by offering my gifts and most heart felt passion. It supports me in ignoring any evidence to the contrary and in maintaining my intent without wavering.

  3. Know what: Yesterday I thought you should offer an open comment passage for people to answer you and share other/their experiences together. Would be recommended as well ... because I know that out there are a lot of people waiting for you and your passion, love and creativity (as shown in this blog).
    And there is a lot of creativity within you/within your life.
    Love ya ... and your way to show us your abilities ...

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you, you have made my rainy morning. This is my dream and what I have wished for literally since I began the blog. I have long desired this to be a forum where people share their experience, dreams, challenges, Truths. I hoped they would do so here in the comments. I do not yet have any technical abilities and have no clue how to offer another format. My wasband (former husband) set this up for me. I have been attempting to get a web site on line and so far have not yet pulled it off on my own. I have advertised for someone to help me as a trade. I know it it will happen in Divine right timing. Until then, I deeply appreciated your comment, it warms my heart.
    with love
    if anyone is interested, email me at

    1. I want to correct myself; my technical abilities increse all the time yet are still rather primitive. My daughter is 13, maybe she can help me :P

    2. Dear Savannah,

      this is your chance: Lauren (C. Gorgo) closed her website for non-paying-members; this is a great loss for a lot of people out there; to comment or just read (what most did) in the comment section was such as brilliant as important; now this site (and function) is closed and – believe me – lots of people all over the world are looking for another space to rest, breath, read and speak.

      Ask yourself what you can do *now* to start your own business in this section of be-ing. I ask you; and you can ask me if you need help in any section of this be-ing state.
      I don´t know something about technical equipement and do not have the skills (Far from it! I am looking for someone installing a website for me … but I need it in German … someone out there interested in doing it for me? … write to me or Savannah :-))
      but I can hold the energy for you and your project as high as needed … if you want me to.

      My name is SANNA … and you know me … not physically … but in the mind, the heart, the soul ♡

      Love ya … wish you a b-r-i-g-h-t day!

      PS: If you wish to write to me privately, I will forward my email-adress to you as soon as (divine) possible …
      For these first steps it was important to write in public :-)

      Love and kisses, Sanna

    3. By the way, let me know: How many people visit your blog in average?

  5. So far, 16,000 visitors; the first year like 30 a month, lately 20 a day, recently went to 30 a day and this week about 40 a day so huge shift just this year. I know Lauren at TWYH very well. I know we all need to have money currently to get by. Interesting to consider how to make $ while being open and available. I like many people who offer a lot for free, a lot inexpensive and then a little for more so they can make their live comfortable. I do not believe I need to suffer to serve. I know I deserve a comfortable life. Thanks for holding the energy for me Sanna. All letters in your name contained in mine. Also interestingly, of the six people closest to me, five are German or Austrian and my daughter is Guatemalan so none of the six people closest to me are American so no surprise you speak German. Where are you from? I say God is my webmaster and I love all the countries who visit here, many I never heard of. My little map only registers about half and none from Russia which is my most frequent visitor after USA. Yes, I am sure you are right many people need a place to be heard and that is largely my intent. Yet I am now content to leave it in the hands of the Divine and do my part. I am slowly understanding more technically and just advertised for a trade so I will trust all will arrive in Divine right timing. Yes, feel to write to my email and we can go from there. Thanks for holding the love energy and vision with me. Deep bow and hug of appreciation.
    love savannah

  6. Dear Savannah (I like your name a lot :-)),
    I don´t see the necessity for a trader or technical equipement at this state of be-ing. I see you do not like your homepage you would be offered in that way. Believe me, there is all you need right here in your hands.
    I love you and see it … believe me.

    I think you should forget about technical staff aso … please start *now* … within you there is the wisdom HOW … please ask yourself … and than use it.

    I don´t know about you, but I think you would make it if you would *loose* thinking of *there is something missing*. Nobody and nothing is missing … please go inside and use your wisdom. I am with you … and you will find all answers you are seeking *now*.
    I will let you go *in this direction* and will report back to you on Monday.
    Love and Kisses, Sanna

  7. Whoa, trippy to have someone besides me helping me catch my limiting thoughts and bliefs. Thanks sweetheart. Your voice feels like it is inside me or is a part of me. How fascinating is that? Let me sit with this and send you a hug.
    savannah (pronounced the latin or European way with all soft a's)

  8. Replies
    1. I loved our conversation a lot - so I come back and say "Hello" to you :-)
      Have a nice shiny day :-) Sanna with Love

  9. Sanna,
    I too love connecting with you, a new friend from afar. I also love your vision for my passion. I had a major step occur yesterday toward that vision.