Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympics for consciousness? being second best

I use to wish there could be an Olympics or Academy Award for consciousness. It would be wonderful to receive that recognition I thought. Now I know differently. It would just feed ego, the need for external validation or approval. I just watched a clip about a speed-skater that was a gold medalist for one second until he found out there was a computer error and he was really second. He went from incredibly elated to totally crushed. Anybody else see anything wrong with being crushed because you are second best in the world? So we gorgeous way-showers will just have to go about our business quietly, without external validation or accolades. I use to love the Olympics yet now this winning at any price and feeling devastated to "only" be second is shifting my feelings. It is delicious to do one's best yet crazy to me to have it be devastating to not win "gold." This no longer sits right. I still love seeing the talent, the artistry, the commitment yet would enjoy it more to see everyone celebrating doing their best, regardless of outcome. 

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