Saturday, February 15, 2014

letting go of needing money

I am so loving the butterflies are free Ebook. So loving what he says about money as I have been awakening to how this is my experience and is helping free me of money worries. It is how I have lived and had an experientially very abundant life. Time for me to finally fully trust it.

This is the belief that currently is most bogging me down so I am playing with it, wondering how it will disappear
 ~ Every time I spend money, my supply of money decreases

Ebook chapter 30

Question: You must be rich to be having all the experiences you talk about – sailing, traveling around Europe, scuba diving and stuff. How do you make money?
Answer: As I write these words, I have exactly $20 to my name, total assets. I don’t think that qualifies for “rich.” But I’ve already said I never worry about money at all, which is one of the reasons I can give this book away for free on the Internet.
It’s more than that, really. It’s that I have an unlimited supply of money to have whatever holographic experience comes up for me in each moment; and so do you, although you don’t realize it yet.
But I don’t “make money.” No one makes money. We only think we do. That’s part of the illusion inside the movie theater.
I realize money is one of the biggest issues for most people. They can’t get enough of it; they can’t keep what they’ve got; and they have tried everything to change that situation with very little success.
Worse than that, actually, they have been promised there is a “secret” to “attracting” money; but they follow the steps religiously and it doesn’t work. So they blame themselves for not doing the “magic” just right. As one student told me, “I’ve tried to use The Secret and the ‘Law of Attraction’ and other self-help techniques to manifest money, but they didn’t work. I’m still broke, so there must be something wrong with me, or I must be doing something wrong.”
Here’s the real secret: The problem is not the person – not you; it’s the “magic” that doesn’t work most of the time for most people. It’s that we have developed this false knowledge about money and where it comes from while inside the movie theater, and it’s time to find out how money really works in a holographic universe.

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