Sunday, February 9, 2014


It is pouring rain after a record 50 days without a drop. I have heard of numerous groups, circles, shamans, visiting Tibetan monks, fire gatherings all envisioning rain. The power of the collective to institute change, I'm just saying...


  1. Yes, even Grace (Episcopal) Cathedral was praying for rain - albeit the rather stylized prayer from the Book of Common Prayer. And wasn't it lovely to lie in bed and hear it against the windows! Also nice that there wasn't much damage from so much in such a short period. But I'm ready for the sun which is trying to burn thru the fog now.

    Here's to more, moderate rain.....

    Love to you and Ciela,


  2. Thank you. I was sad not to have more solitary time to soak it in. When I finally had time to myself, I literally sat out on my balcony last night shivering yet delighting in the gentle song of the rain. At the same time, the rain was the backdrop for one of the most quiet yet harmoniously peace and connected, intimate times I have ever enjoyed doing such simple things like cooking, cleaning, reading, playing games with my daughter. The rewards of all this internal housecleaning are definitely here.