Thursday, January 16, 2014

you are a masterpiece

somethings I wrote a few years ago, liked it so passing it on. feeling impelled to sort, throw out, organize, clean. Found this erasing old emails.

       May this day find you enjoying life's mystery and beauty. Some notes from the front lines of my ongoing quest for unity consciousness. Since I have committed to releasing separation within me guess what had raised it's dear head for me to look at? Right, separation! So it came in it's latest disguise, trying to convince me it is real, I will always be alone, love is a hoax, etc. Now being such an aware person, I haven't been able but help to notice when I buy the ego's truth, I end up feeling like I've been zapped with a cattle prod. This is high incentive to do something different. So stimulus comes in, my body goes into hyper alert, my mind sends out danger alarms but this time I caught it, I named it for what it was and I kept my mouth shut. I said nothing and didn't even send out an energetic fireball. The moment passed. Literally within minutes the statement that had triggered such reactivity within me had been amended to something I had found very connecting. As I was driving home just before this happened, I had caught my thoughts buying the whole idea of other, of other being harmful to me at times. I had caught that thought and declared it illusion, a lie, I felt my body shake with the energy it took to reverse the thought. I delcared myself as one with the same energy that runs the Universe and DECIDED not to believe any appearance of separation, attack, blame, guilt, etc. Well within minutes I was tested and this time I passed thrugh the eye of the needle!! After make the decision not to believe what my body and mind where screaming at me, a stream of loving, connecting statements were flowing to me. Coincidence? I think not. So me and my angels are going to soak in a little sun, sit in the breeze and relax until the next "opportunity" to free myself arises. Today, may only love find you, because that is who you are!!!! Celebrate yourself, you are a masterpiece!! love savannah

June 11, 2010, 12:23 PM

So much wisdom coming from The Way of Mastery I feel impelled to share. So my intention is to live in love and the course says I must MERELY remove all obstacles to love rather than seek love. The obstacles are always the voice of the ego which tells me to see others as the enemy if I do not perceive them as in support of me. How to overcome this? See everything as an act of love or a cry for help. Learn that nothing outside myself will give me the love that I am looking for; that only by recognizing my true Self as an embodiment of Divine consciousness and reflecting that to all whom I meet will I know love. O.K.,O.K., heard it a million times before yet when the monsters the size of New York raise their ugly heads and scream terror at me, scream you can't do this, you'll never make it, your fear is REAL REAL REAL, you are separate, what to do?
On Monday I was able to be hugged by Amma, the woman known as the hugging saint, who has hugged over 25 million people and who is said to have a profound affect on consciousness through her hugs. On Tuesday I was having a session with a healer who said I was carrying Avatar consciousness (still not quite sure what that means) and that he had never experienced anything like it, that I was vibrating at such a high level, that he was able to clear so much in me gracefully and without pain- usually very painful. I walked around on a cloud of love. Wednesday the shit hit the fan again. The universe keeps asking me to forgive (a central tenant of the Course- to see all only as love, to see no error) the one thing that is excruciatingly painful to me, the thing that drops me to my knees every time. Well, I felt about two inches tall and felt huge rage coursing through my body and found a target to project it on, now according to me, to my ego, with all the reason in the world, as ANYONE would agree, if they knew the story. O.k. So more pain, more suffering. So the Course ask me if I am busy extending love or busy trying to get my world to give me the love I think I am missing? Try to guess, door number two. It ain't working so I'll try again. Today I was able to offer love in a situation where, in the past- let's call it over half a century- I would blow a person away for treating me like that, etc. etc.The Way assures me no one can bring me the love I seek, but that requires me to put all my attention on my relationship to Source. Yikees, all my attention, yea all of it, and then forgive ANYTHING that does not look like love. Forgive means to see no error, to see no harm, no upset, no hurt. A tall order. I am sharing this because I did actually pull it of this one time and I am intending to anchor it in myself by extension. My wish is that somehow, it finds someone who is uplifted by these words, who has just a smidge of a better understanding how to live in love, and that together we bring love to this tired old world, one person at a time. Until then, may you walk the path of love. savannah

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