Tuesday, January 14, 2014

sugar and overeating

My friends are amazed and maybe even inspired by my abrupt shift with sugar and over eating. I no longer crave it and for the first time in my life it is easy not to indulge in sweets or eat too much. I realize it is really very simple yet took me literally decades to find that place inside. It is now more pleasurable for me to eat in alignment with what feels good for my body then to have sugar, coffee or big portions. I am not saying I will never have sugar or coffee, just much less and maybe eventually none. Time will tell. Getting to this place was simple but not easy. Yet now it is. CELEBRATION!!

Later: Something I listened to tonight gave me another possible explanation for this seemingly miraculous shift. It might be that I am not longer chasing pleasure. I am also sure that it is largely a matter of Divine right timing, perhaps my moon is in the seventh house of something like that.

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