Wednesday, January 22, 2014

new vision for this blog

My energy is so different this year. I have had to make adjustments, leave a group, change relationships because when I have a conversation about limitation, lack, story, it just feels so heavy in my body. This blog has been dedicated to sharing my journey of how this ascension experience is unfolding for one person with the desire to mitigate feelings of alienation, shame, loneliness, judgment in others by perhaps seeing this is a universal experience, not just one of us wigging out. I sense a big shift is underway for me. What I have been sharing is primarily the release process and what it looks and feels like for me. Since I no longer am focused on releasing, am now focused on embracing, knowing, trusting, obviously this blog will shift to reflect that. I am also playing with my two web sites I am developing. This is just giving you a heads up in case you are one of my beloved devoted readers. It is also a way of  honoring myself by publicly stating where I am. In this the I don't know energy is present too. I don't actually know what I will do until I do it. You have no idea how liberating this is for a former control freak. Feel free to share any comments, questions or concerns. Love you, my darlings. You are all so precious, so adorable, so loved!!!!!!!!!!

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